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Paying off student loan debt is confusing, overwhelming and emotionally draining. Don’t let that keep you from understanding your rights.

Do you have added fees and interest on your loan balance?
Contact Waccamaw Law to evaluate whether you are being treated fairly when it comes to added fees.

If debt collectors are contacting you in any of these ways, contact Waccamaw Law immediately.
It is against the law for a debt collector to harass you or to make any false statements to you.


- Is your student loan owed to the U.S. Department of Education?
- Or do you owe the college/university you attended?
- Did you borrow money from a bank? a state agency?
- Maybe you have a combination of lenders?


While you need to understand that you have a responsibility to pay what you owe on your student loans, you also have many rights that Waccamaw Law can help you defend. Have you missed a payment?

- Do you get calls from debt collectors?
- Do the collectors leave you voicemails?
- Are you getting collection letters in the mail?

Additional Information About Student Loans

When the U.S. Department of Education lends a student money for school, that student receives a “federal student loan.” The U.S. Department of Education is often abbreviated as “ED.” The ED lends students many different kinds of federal student loans. These loans have names like Direct Loan, Stafford Loan, PLUS Loan or Perkins Loan. The ED works with a company called Navient (formerly known as Sallie Mae) to track how much you owe, manage your payments, and contact you about missed payments. Sometimes the ED refers to Navient as your student loan “servicer.”

If your student loan is not owed to the ED, you have a non-federal, or private student loan. This is another way to say that an entity other than the federal government lent you the money to go to school. Private student loans can come from a bank, a credit union, a state student loan agency or even directly from your college or university. Private loans are subject to a different set of rules than federal loans from the ED.

It is critical that you contact Waccamaw Law to understand your rights.

If your college or university lent you money for school, you were granted a student loan from your educational institution. That’s why this kind of student loan is often called an “institutional loan.” Institutional loans are more likely than any other kind of student loan to violate your rights as a student-consumer.

Contact Waccamaw Law immediately if you think you are making payments on a student loan owed directly to your school.

It is very common for students to have both federal and private student loans. It is important to understand that your repayment options for federal and private student loans are different.

Contact Waccamaw Law for more information.

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